Carpet Cleaning

Don’t ignore your floor. Protect that investment.

Buying and installing carpeting can be a sizable investment, but it takes more than a vacuum cleaner or regular steam cleaning to properly maintain its condition and preserve its useful life. Our 11 step carpet cleaning process digs deep into any carpet and pulls out stubborn stains, and dirt only leaving behind a fresh, clean carpet every time. Whether you have 1,000 sq. ft. or 100,000 sq. ft. of carpet, our IICRC Certified technicians are equipped with the latest systems in our sophisticated fleet to eliminate dust, dirt, stains and more.


Industry’s most powerful vehicle-mounted Hot Water Extraction (HWE) equipment

Scene Clean’s fleet of mobile mounted hot water removal equipment is the most technologically sophisticated HWE system around. We can extract almost anything. Through our careful application of chemistry and environmental sciences, we guarantee a safe and healthy working atmosphere for your employees and customers.


High-Performance Portable Extraction (HPPE) goes where no truck-mount will go

Our HPPE systems are another weapon we can utilize to keep your carpet clean and looking its best. Using only the strongest portable systems available, we can match rotary extraction heads with the right chemistry and easily outperform the competition.


Encapsulation Technology (ET) takes clean to a whole new level

Encapsulation blends chemistry and physics to deliver amazing results in high-traffic or large commercial environments. ET emulsifies all the oil and physical contaminants inside your carpeting, surrounds every molecule with an acrylic-polymer buffer and pulls them toward the surface area utilizing managed evaporation. This immediately returns carpeting to its original condition and keeps it there, even in-between cleanings. Major carpeting mills agree that encapsulation cleaning may be the perfect solution for commercial grade olefin, polyester or nylon surfaces. And believe it or not, the costs are typically much lower than HWE or HPPE.

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