Fire Damage Mitigation

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, soot and water damage, too.

Once the flames have been extinguished and the personal safety of your family, employees, visitors or customers has been attended to, you’re left with a big mess on your hands. Not only are you dealing with structural damage from the fire itself, but odors and stains from smoke and soot make their mark as well. And if you were lucky enough to have the fire company extinguish your fire (with thousands of gallons of water), chances are you’re looking at a bad case of water damage, too.


Scene Clean technicians have the fire damage training, experience and equipment to get you back to pre-fire conditions. Even your personal belongings can take a hit during a fire, and we’ll help you salvage anything that can be restored to its original condition. From restoring burned walls and ceilings to drying your water-logged carpeting and cleaning your sooty furniture, we won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with our work.


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