Handyman and Minor Repairs

It’s good to know a fix-it guy. When do we start?

Some companies won’t bother with the small stuff. But we know that even minor repair jobs can be a major pain if they’re left undone. For all your odd jobs that need skilled hands, don’t hesitate to call Scene Clean! Our highly skilled professionals can fix up whatever’s run-down, beat-up or just not working any more. Commercial and residential projects are welcome, no job is too big or too small.



Design Services Available

If you’re looking to remodel, our experts have the skills and talent to make your ideas come to life. Call (240) 575-5802 or click here to contact our experienced staff and let them know you’re ready to get your remodeling project started.

More Services From Scene Clean

Roof, Windows and Siding

Remodel the exterior of your home or business to give it a maintenance-free, energy efficient makeover. From your foundation to your highest peak, Scene Clean does it all.

Bathroom Remodeling

Get out of that outdated bathroom and step up to the custom look you really want. Ready to remodel?

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