Mold Remediation

Growing a mold colony? Time to wipe ‘em out.

Mold is a serious concern that can cause severe damage to your home or business. Large colonies of mold spores can produce allergens and irritants, and in some cases their toxins can be very harmful to both humans and pets. Always use extreme caution if you think you’re dealing with mold: stay back, don’t touch it, don’t breathe it, and don’t try to clean it yourself.


Because mold is microscopic, most of the time it’s difficult to know you have a problem until it’s already grown and spread. The following signs could alert you that mold is present in your home or business:


  1.  Water has previously entered your building and the area was not properly dried.
  2.  You frequently smell strong musty or earthy odors
  3.  You notice gray or black spotting on surfaces near water-damaged areas
  4.  Even without a leak or water damage, a high humidity setting can create enough moisture to support mold growth.


If you suspect mold growth, call Scene Clean for an immediate assessment to salvage your home or business. We’ll give you our expert analysis of the situation and construct a plan to remediate the mold problem back to normal levels.  


Scene Clean only employs IICRC certified technicians within the Applied Microbial Remediation field to guarantee you have the best person for the job.

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