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Cleaning tile is a difficult DIY. We’ve got this.

Ceramic tile is one of the most improperly cleaned and ignored floor and wall surfaces in your home. Let’s face it! Nobody wants to spend their time scrubbing each and every floor tile and grout line with a tiny brush. It’s exhausting, hard work. Thankfully, Scene Clean check this task off your to-do list; using only environmentally friendly products that will not harm your loved ones, or pets. You can relax when you choose Scene Clean to care for your tile and grout.


How do we do it? First, we clean your tile and stone by heating purified water to approximately 230 degrees. Then, we inject an oxygenated hydrogen peroxide in a high-pressure application, utilizing very specific instruments and accessories. The cleaning results speak for themselves! From bathrooms and kitchens to commercial lobbies and hallways, your ugly stains and embedded bacteria don’t stand a chance. Our goal is to make your tile and grout look like it did the day it was installed.


Need tile sealing, tile repair or tile replacement? We can help you there, too.


Stone Tile Maintenance:

We know that common cleaners can break down the stone tile sealant, leaving your investment wide open to damage and staining. Products with lemon, vinegar, bleach or ammonia sound harmless enough, but they can etch apart the polish, discolor the surface or even scratch your stone. Play it safe instead — ask us about our comprehensive line of StoneTech ProfessionalT Products.


Ceramic Tile & Grout

Servicing ceramic tile correctly is crucial. We seal and protect your ceramic tile using the best natural cleaners and finishing it with a long-lasting seal.


Quarry Tile & Brick Pavers

Durable and great for outdoors, but not life proof! We will use natural cleaners to make your quarry tile & brick pavers shine then finish it off with a long-lasting seal.


Terracotta Tile or Saltillo Tile

Amongst the oldest tile, these tiles require special treatment.
Scene Clean has a specific cleaning and sealing process for this type of floor. We understand the special needs of your terracotta tile and saltillo tile, and we’re trained and experienced in its care, cleaning and maintenance. Talk to our technicians today to learn more.

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