13 Reasons Why Janitorial Services Rock

Have you ever considered the 13 reasons you should be investing in janitorial services for your company?
At first glance, many business owners only see the price tag attached before rejecting the idea.
At Scene Clean, we offer janitorial service packages that are customized for you and your business; that means flexible costs, too! Ideally located, our janitorial services near Frederick, MD, are nearby to take care of you and your business.

Here’s 13 Reasons Why Janitorial Services ROCK:

#1 Free Time

You and your employees have enough to handle throughout the day. When the clock ticks down to the final seconds, no one wants to worry about taking out the trash, sweeping up crumbs, delegating who cleans the bathroom, or that hideous ink stain that the new guy created by the printer. Janitorial services means you can focus on the tasks at hand and leave when you’re finished. No last minute clean ups. When you hire janitorial services, you gain free time to be with your friends and family after a long day.

#2 First Impressions are Everything

When visiting an establishment, one of the first things many clients notice is the cleanliness. If you were to walk into a dirty office, how would that impact your impression of their services? Exactly. Protecting your image comes easy when you hire Scene Clean’s janitorial services.

#3 Keep Your Germs to Yourself

Ah, yes. The diligent, committed employee who never takes a day off. Every office has one of those. That means that when Janet comes in with a head-cold, you grab the Vitamin C from your desk drawer. Not anymore!

Here’s some interesting statistics about germs in the office:

    • 71% of workers believe dirty office spaces have made them ill in the past
    • There is typically 445 times more bacteria on your desk than on a toilet seat (SERIOUSLY!)
    • Properly disinfecting your desk can remove 99.9% of germs
    • 60% of office illnesses are caused by dirty office surfaces

#4 Motivation, Anyone?

Remember that fresh, new feeling when you sat down at your desk for the first time? With a clean start, you probably experienced the motivation to do your best at your new job. Imagine having that feeling (for the most part) every single day.

Here’s another statistic for you:

      • 82% of people believe they would work harder in a cleaner environment

When you invest in janitorial services, you’re gaining more productivity from your employees.

#5 Awkward Situation?

You’ve rushed to the restroom after an important meeting you couldn’t step away from. Suddenly you realize the stall you’ve picked is out of toilet paper. Luckily, a friendly co-worker brings you some. While washing your hands, you realize the soap dispenser is empty and the paper towels are nowhere to be seen. How frustrating!!
You’ve got a couple minutes so you check the supply closet to no avail.

When you hire Scene Clean for janitorial services, supplies never go out of stock. Toilet paper and paper towels are refilled as they become low, not when they are empty. Toilets are always clean. The trash is never overflowing. There’s never a need to worry when we’re on the scene.

#6 Saving Money

Bet you didn’t expect to see this on the list!
It’s true. Hiring janitorial services saves you money as well as time. Often times, the supplies you regularly order come at a higher cost than it normally would for janitorial service companies. Vendors and companies usually strike deals for supplies.
In addition, the extra money going towards employees who hit overtime to clean up at the end of the day is now going into the company.

#7 Efficiency

Chances are Ken from the tech department isn’t a carpet cleaning expert. Fortunately for you, we are!
Buying cleaning products, renting steam cleaners, etc. are only going to waste hours of your time and a decent amount of money.
Scene Clean has the skills and experience to handle tough, sticky situations. (See what we did there?)
Many of the companies we provide janitorial services for have expressed how happy they are to have us handle their office care because they know that we will do the best work every time.

#8 Take a Deep Breath

Similar to aiding in your health but this reason to get janitorial services deserves its own mention.
Employees who suffer from asthma or allergies can rejoice when we walk through the door.
Janitorial services means more than spotless bathrooms & lobbies. It can also mean cleaner air.
We go above and beyond small, every day tasks. You can also expect cleaned air ducts, leading to less suffering among those who have allergies or asthma.

#9 Exclusive Offers

There is a real advantage to choosing Scene Clean’s janitorial services and having access to special deals is one of them!
Carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning can be added to ANY janitorial package, all while keeping your budget in mind.
Spruce up the lobby furniture or revive the lunch break room’s carpet.

#10 When Things Go Wrong

Scene Clean offers emergency water, mold, fire, storm services on top of janitorial services.
Rest assured, if your company ever fell victim to an emergency situation, we would be there for you. We’re open 24/7 for emergencies.

#11 First Pick!

You’re already getting a great deal with Scene Clean’s services but you know what else you get? First pick to new offers & discounts!
From referral rewards to free lunch and more, we’ve got great deals that you’ll see first!

#12 Remodeling and Repairs

We know what you’re thinking, “Wait, there’s more?”
Yes. You don’t have to fret over the left over damage from a sewer back up, fire, or whatever chaos may come your way. You have enough to worry about already.
Scene Clean offers remodeling and handyman repairs. In fact, one of our specialties is build-back and restoration due to mold, water, storm, fire, soot, and smoke damage.

#13 Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Here’s the 13th reason why:
When you combine all of these benefits together, you’ve got the ultimate recipe for peace of mind. As a family-owned and operated business, we provide genuine care when servicing your company. When you’re happy we’re happy.

Ready for expert care? When it comes to finding professional janitorial services near Frederick, MD or Walkersville MD, Scene Clean has your back. Rest assured knowing that we can also provide affordable repairs, emergency services, & more.

Give us a call anytime. We’re here for you when you need us most. Request a free estimate online or over the phone.