How to Improve Your Home's Value

From your child’s first steps and the faint pencil marks on the door trim to the room that has been painted every color, your home has more value than a price tag. When it comes time to say goodbye, you may find it hard to decide on the right asking price. By making small renovations, the value of your home as well as your confidence increase when settling on an asking price.

#1 Who is Your Buyer?

You should ask yourself what type of buyer your home is likely to attract.
Set aside personal preference and consider what features will have the widest appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. Sure, you might like the pink counters in your kitchen but this isn’t likely to give home buyers the same warm, fuzzy feeling.

Ask yourself a couple of questions to better understand your buyer:

  • What is their age?
  • What is their income?
  • Why is the location of your home suited for them?
  • Do they have pets?
  • What features would appeal most to them?

Answering these questions will be the first step to planning your renovation project(s).

#2 What is Your Budget?

No one, and I mean NO ONE, likes this question but it is unavoidable.
By understanding your buyer, as mentioned above, you can plan your projects strategically and maximize your budget.

Here’s an example of a potential buyer:

  • Buyer Age & Gender: mid-to-late 40’s, Any gender.
  • Buyer Marital Status: Married, has children.
  • Buyer Occupation & Income: Employed, $80k/year.
  • Background: Buyer has a large family. Buyer has pet(s).

Your buyer will seek functional spaces with enough room to accommodate their large family. A family with pets is likely a family that will have a preference to hardwood or laminate floors in addition to yard space. While these improvements seem too large of an investment, they can be attainable with some compromises within your budget.

#3 Focus on Features That Sell

kitchen-lead-photo-02Goldstein bathroom after 2 with logo
While heated wood floors are unique & desirable, your sellers aren’t actively seeking homes with this feature. Though trends have changed drastically over the years, there are two rooms that buyers have always had their eyes on: the kitchen & bathroom(s).

Below are some renovation ideas for your kitchen & bathroom(s) that could help you sell your home quickly.

  • Kitchen (a.k.a.: The heart of the home)
    • Update Cabinetry. Carefully select a neutral yet fashionable cabinet color. Remove & replace out-dated hardware.
    • Update the Counters. If your counters aren’t exactly in style, you may choose to invest some of your budget into updating them.
    • Replace or Clean Flooring. You’d be surprised how much a deep clean or can do to an old kitchen floor.
    • Functionality. If space allows, add a roll-away island. It adds more counter space and can be easily moved to create more space.
    • Paint. Don’t be afraid to choose a nice, clean nuetral color. Starting with a fresh, clean canvas often inspires Home Buyers.
  • Bathroom
    • Update old Cabinetry. Change up the color and hardware (see above). Make sure you pick a paint that does well in moist rooms.
    • Replace Light Fixtures. This small improvement makes a huge difference.
    • Paint. Your sea-blue walls and finger-painted fish were cute in the 90’s but it’s time to say goodbye. Choose colors that create a spa-like vibe.
    • Clean or Replace Flooring. Removing years of built-up grime can make an enormous difference.
    • Replace the Shower Head. A sleek, new rain shower head will add to the relaxing vibe of the bathroom.

While the kitchen and bathroom are both important, don’t neglect spaces that are crucial to large families such as the family room, dining room, and laundry room. Homeowner’s with pets will carefully consider the yard space when purchasing a home. *Mend any damaged fencing to keep your buyers’ worries at bay.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be! We can provide any of the services above. Give us a call to learn how you can get a quote.

#4 Curb Appeal

Be honest with yourself.

If you were in the house buying market, would the exterior of your home pull you in or scare you away? Overgrown gardens, peeling paint, or poor lighting is enough for a buyer to turn the other cheek.

Here are some easy, inexpensive changes you can make in a day to boost your curb appeal:

  • Spruce Up the Landscaping
    • Trim the hedges, rake the leaves, add new mulch to the flower beds. Adding vibrant flowers that compliment your home will catch the eyes of your buyers.
  • Clear Gutters
    • Rid the gutters of debris and wipe them down.
  • Clean Exterior Light Fixtures
    • The glass on your lamp posts and door lanterns are likely filthy. Give them life with a good scrub & new bulbs.
  • Pressure Wash Your Siding & Deck
    • If you don’t have the time or budget to update your exterior paint, a little extra T.L.C. is the second best option.

Make your home’s first impression count. Get a quote for your exterior paint project by emailing us or giving us a call.

#5 Fix It Uptarped roof w liam

Take the steps needed to get a bill of good health for your home. Electrical, A/C, roof issues & more are often deal-breakers for home buyers. A house that comes with a honey-do list isn’t going to sell as easily as one without. Plus, being able to provide documentation that backs up the home’s condition will act as extra incentive for a quick sell.

Sell your home as close to move-in ready as possible. Scene Clean can provide handyman services and inspections. Give us a call to schedule.



#6 One Step At a Time

Unless you’ve hired us for one of our many home renovation services, we recommend you take on one project at a time.

Having multiple rooms in your home torn apart is not only stressful but could delay your house from getting on the market. Focus on one project at a time to ensure you have time to complete priority improvements.

If you’re timeline is short, Scene Clean can take care of everything on your list before your house goes up for sale.

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