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Summer is here and in full swing. Summer weather brings more than pesky mosquitos and cook-outs. Summer brings heat. For those without an air conditioning unit the summer heat can seem unbeatable. Whether you’re looking for AC repairs, a new AC unit is not in your budget, or turning on your AC is not in your budget, we can help.
NEVER FEAR! Scene Clean is here to help you beat the heat with these 12 tricks:

#1 Keep Your Body Cool

Stay cool as a cucumber — even without any air conditioning. This is simple trick has been passed down from our ancient ancestors.
Tasty iced drinks or a cold rag on your neck and wrists should do the trick. To further prevent breaking a sweat, consider dressing for the heat.

#2 Bathroom Fans

Pull the hot air out of your home with this simple trick: switch on the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. If you’re living without air conditioning for a while, this is a must when cooking or showering.

#3 Jerry-Rig a Fan

While your kitchen and bathroom fans work their magic and pull hot air out, jerry-rig a fan to create cool air.
Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ice or ice packs
  • Mixing bowl
  • Fan

Fill your mixing bowl with ice or ice packs
*Note: Ice packs can be frozen repeatedly and can ultimately save money.*
Place the bowl in front of a large fan at an angle so the air blows just over the ice.
FINAL STEP: Sit in front of the magic you just created, sip an iced drink, and enjoy.

#4 When One Door Opens..

Close off rooms to prevent any precious, cool air from slipping away. Shut the doors and seal off the bottom of the door with a towel.
Use this trick all day long and during the night, as well. The more cool air you can collect, the better.

#5 Shut the Blinds

While this tip seems silly, anyone who has ever had a broken AC unit can atest: shutting the blinds really helps!
Windows create a decent percent of unwanted heat in your home.
Shut the blinds the keep the pesky sun from scorching your living room.

#6 Cool Side of the Pillow

Are you waking up in the middle of the night due to the heat in your home? When you’re in need of A/C repairs and there’s no handyman in sight, use this tip to stay cool overnight:
Change out your bed linens for cooler options. Fleece or flannel sheets will make you miserable. Instead, try an affordable cotton blend bed set.

#7 Counter-clockwise Fan Rotation

This sounds odd, doesn’t it? You’re probably thinking, How does setting ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise cool down my house?
We’ll tell you! In the winter, your ceiling fan should be set to a clockwise rotation. It will help distribute heat through your home. In the summer, your ceiling fans should be set to a counter-clockwise rotation.
Test it! If you feel a breeze while standing directly under your ceiling fan, you’ve got it on the correct rotation to beat the summer heat.

#8 Let the Night Air Flow

Do we really need to say more?
Temperatures typically drop during summer nights. Crack your windows before bed and set up a fan to help pull the cold air into your home.
Don’t forget to shut the windows in the morning or you’ll regret it!

#9 Light Bulb!

See what we did there?
Save on your power bill by switching to fluorescent lights. Common lights (incandescent) emit heat and that is the last thing you need when you’re trying to cool a house with no air conditioner.

#10 Is the Stove On?

Grab your icy drink and grill dinner outside. It may seem obvious but cooking inside will only increase the temperature in your home.
While you’re waiting on AC repair services to arrive, throw on some hot dogs and fill up the kiddie pool.

#11 Find Shade

Beating the heat means staying away from the sun! When your home is too warm to inhabit, head outside. If your yard provides shade, tie up a hammock, and kick back. If there are no trees to provide shelter, prop up some umbrellas.

Ready for expert care? When it comes to finding repair services near Frederick, MD or Walkersville MD, Scene Clean has your back. Though we do not make HVAC repairs, you can count on us for other services such as air duct cleaning, handyman repairs, emergency services, and more. So the next time your air conditioner has leaked water all over your home, give us a call.

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