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to your home on a budget blog

Spring is nearly here! Soon, birds will be chirping, trees & flowers will begin to blossom, & your windows will be open to welcome the fresh breeze.
Spring & Summer is a popular time of the year for house sellers and buyers. Open House signs will soon be planted on the corners of many neighborhoods.

Do you know the value of your home? Are the numbers not so kind?
DIYs are great but hiring professionals definitely has an impact on how the value
of your home increases post makeover.

NEVER FEAR! Scene Clean is here with 5 ways to increase the value of your home on a budget.

#1 Makeover the Bathroom

How many bathrooms have been a deal breaker for you in the past? Exactly.

If a total makeover isn’t in your budget, then try some of these simple yet fantastic ways to give life to your bathroom:

  • Replace old fixtures
  • Add a fresh coat of paint – Remember: bright, tranquil colors are in!
  • Scrub, scrub, scrub! Clean out all the nooks and crannies!

#2 De-Clutter Like a Pro

(Check out the before & after of the kitchen below to see what we mean!)

Have you ever attended an open house that was just that, an open house?
Help your potential buyers envision their new home by clearing up the rooms of your home. Less clutter means an open space feeling so it is important to leave the bare essentials in each room. Then, organize and decorate. Try adding a throw blanket over the couch or a couple of plants on shelving, or in corners.

Oh, and shove that porcelain doll collection in a closet somewhere!

#3 Stick it Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

What a difference a new light fixture & bulbs can make!

What a difference a new light fixture & bulbs can make!

LIGHTS! We’re talking about lights!

Outdated light fixtures or poor lighting will leave potential buyers feeling like they’re entering a dungeon.

  • Head to your local home improvement store.
  • Pick out some new fixtures that are within your budget
  • Don’t forget to buy some higher-wattage bulbs with a nice, warm glow
  • Call Scene Clean to install your new fixtures properly

Tip: Keep in mind which fixtures will compliment your home! Whether you’re going for a modern or vintage look, make sure your fixtures compliment your home’s style.

#4 Your Book’s Cover

wind damaged house 2

Despite the famous advice, potential buyers will still judge a book by it’s cover.
If the siding, windows, roof, lawn, & more are in bad shape, your chances of closing a sell will be, too.

Here’s some budget friendly ways to improve your home’s curb appeal:

  • Cut the grass and/or rake up the leaves, remove weeds, & trim the hedges
  • Give the mailbox a paint job
  • Replace the mulch and add some plants
  • Hire Scene Clean to power wash your siding, deck, & more!
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door! We’re only a call away.

  • #5 The Kitchen

    Before & after of a kitchen remodel Scene Clean completed.

    Before & after of a kitchen remodel Scene Clean completed.

    We’re sure you’ve been waiting for this one — and for good reason! The kitchen is found to be the biggest deal break/deal maker for house hunters.
    Here are some easy ways you can makeover the kitchen on a budget:

    • Do we even have to say it? We can spruce up the kitchen with a professional paint job.
    • Scrub, scrub, scrub the floors! …or call us to perform a professional tile & grout cleaning.
    • Not a big enough budget to replace the cabinets? Give them new life with a fresh stain.
    • Replace the knobs on every cabinet to suit the new look!
    • Update appliances
    • Is your budget not in favor of updating appliances? Use a durable epoxy paint to give old appliances a new look.
    • We can install new counters + a back splash! Not quite ready? Check out the Do-it-Yourself Kit from Giani.

    Ready for expert care? When it comes to preparing to sell your house, you can rely on us. For home restoration, handyman repairs, or professional paint services near Frederick, MD or Walkersville MD, Scene Clean has your back. We have restored & remodeled homes for 9 years in the Frederick area. We can provide nearly all of your home service needs with our handyman repairs, emergency services, and more. So when Spring arrives, keep us in mind for our emergency water cleanup cleanup & restoration services.