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As we enter the winter months, the spirit of giving back is upon us. As a small community, it’s more important now than ever to build each other up. At Scene Clean, we take great pride in giving back to the community. Now through January 2017, we want to give back to the people that give to the community all year long: our schools & in turn, the teachers.

We present to you, the Giveback Project:

Creating the Community Giveback Project

As the Scene Clean team brainstormed the recipients of our annual community efforts, we scratched our heads and wondered, “Who continuously gives to the Walkersville community without asking for anything in return? What cause can we give back to that will, in turn, transfer to our entire community?” Our team unanimously concluded: Schools!

Our schools & the teachers within them relentlessly give to the youth of Walkersville all year, every year. Then we came to the drawing board. How can we give back to the schools & community?

How are We Giving Back?

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As winter quickly approaches, Scene Clean is gearing up for the damages that the cold brings. Pipe breaks, roof leaks, failing sump pumps, & more become a notorious problem for home & business owners. In other words, tis the season for water mitigation!

So here’s how we will continue to serve Walkersville residents & include them in our giveback efforts:

For every water mitigation job we complete in Walkersville, MD, our client will get to choose the Walkersville school & department that will receive a $150 donation from Scene Clean in their name! This will aid the community in these ways:

  • We will continue to provide the water mitigation services that earned us a “Top Performer” title in our industry.
  • Encourage clients to join us in giving back to Walkersville Schools.
  • Fund departments & as a result, aid teachers & students.
  • Raise community awareness of the importance of our teachers and students.

Here are the Details

What: We’ll donate $150 to a Walkersville, MD school upon completion of your mitigation project. Departments include all general studies, arts, special education, humanities, & athletics. You may also donate to pay off lunch bills.

When: This project will run from November 1st through January 30th.

Who: Walkersville residents and business owners can take advantage of this campaign in order to giveback to Walkersville schools!

Where: Jobs must be performed in Walkersville, MD & any receiving school must be in Walkersville, MD.
*Please call or email us for additional terms & conditions.*

How You Can Help

We are seeking help from our fellow community members to make this project possible!
Here’s how you can help:

  • SPREAD THE WORD: Tell all of your friends, your family, your hairstylist, etc.
  • Request a brochure, business card, or magnet from Scene Clean to have on hand in case of a water emergency. (And put it on your fridge!)




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