Spring has officially sprung (despite the 6 inches of snow outside).
We all know the saying: April Showers bring May Flowers!

There’s no doubt: many homeowners experience basement flooding at this time of the year. Worry not! We’ve created a simple checklist to ensure a flood-free basement.
No sump pump failure means no water damage which means no mitigation and all of this means NO WORRIES!

Here’s how to maintenance your sump pump and prevent basement flooding:


#1 Sump Pump Maintenance Checklist

There’s more to do after a sump pump has been installed. It is important for homeowners to ensure that it is working properly through sump pump maintenance. We strongly recommend following this maintenance checklist when inspecting your sump pump:

      • Replace the sump pump if it 15 years old or older
      • Sump pumps that have displayed any erratic behavior should also be replaced as the chances of them failing are very high
      • Check for any missing valves and replace them
      • Ensure that your sump pump has a high water alarm
      • A sump pump battery backup should be installed in case of power outage to ensure that the sump pump can still operate
        • Type 1: standard output. These are suitable for main pumps that are less than ½ hp or equal to ½ hp, but they are not reliable during rain storms.
        • Type 2: high output. This is the best choice for main pumps equal to hp or ½ hp that runs frequently when raining.
      • Check the vent hole in the discharge pipes for clogs; make sure it’s clean!

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