5 Things to Do Before You Go on Vacation this Winter Blog

The holidays are here! By now, your home is probably filled with holly, wreaths, stockings, Menorahs, Bendera Ya Taifas, & more.
This is the time of year when loved ones get together, celebrate traditions, & relax. Many families travel to see loved ones, while others cozy up at home.
DON’T let a household emergency ruin your holiday retreat. If you’re traveling this season, this blog will give you some peace of mind.

Here’s the 6 things you should do to prepare your home before you go on vacation.


#1 Honey, did you leave the coffee pot on?

Unplug necessary appliances such as coffee makers, televisions, computers, etc. This will prevent wasted energy.
In the case of an electrical surge after a power outage, your appliances will be protected.

Christmas tree lights are often found to be the culprits of house fires during the holiday season. Avoid the risk all together by unplugging any indoor festive lights.
Exterior holiday lights can be set on a timer. Your house will still be merry & bright while you save on energy costs.

#2 Did Santa Bring an Indoor Pool for Christmas?


Prep the pipes! Shut off the water supply to avoid anything from a small leak to a flooded home. Tip: You can find the water main near the electrical panel or furnace.

If you live in an area where temperatures can drop below freezing, you should drain all other water appliances to avoid frozen or bursting pipes!
Here’s how to do it:

    • Shut of the main water supply
    • Visit every room with a sink and open the taps


#3 Are You Trying to Heat the Entire Neighborhood?!

Do you recognize that classic line from mom or dad?

Turn down the temperature in your home — there’s no need to keep your home cozy if you’re not there to enjoy it.
We suggest setting your thermostat to about 60 degrees and no less. Keep your home warm enough to prevent frozen pipes but cool enough to save on energy.

Your windows and doors will thank you, too! Keeping your home’s temperature around 60 degrees will spare your windows and doors from frost buildup. Frost buildup on doors and windows can cause severe damage to wood and paint when it melts.

At that point, you’d give us a call. Remember, waiting too long can leads to serious issues such as mold.
You can learn more about issues that occur when water damages goes without being fixed for too long by reading this helpful blog.

Tip: Insulate your windows by applying a shrink-wrap film over them. You can buy shrink-wrap film kits at major stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, & even Walmart.
You can also check out this helpful blog by DIY Network.

#4 Protect Your Pets

Are your pets staying home throughout the holidays? We’re pet lovers here at Scene Clean and we understand your worry!
For indoor pets:

  • Leave plenty of blankets in their favorite sleeping spots.
  • Check the integrity of their bedding – rips and tears mean it’s time to replace them!
  • If your pet sitter has limited availability during your vacation, invest in a self refilling water & food bowl. You can purchase them at your local pet stores or make one like this guy:

Are your pets staying outside during the winter?
Check the forecast. If temperatures below freezing are expected & you cannot bring them into your home, consider creating a safe spot for them in your garage (or any other sheltered area).

Here are some ways to keep them warm:

  • Provide a properly sized dog house that is insulated.
  • To further insulate, add blankets & hay to the inside of their house.
  • Wrap and tuck tarp around the dog house to prevent drafts.
  • Add protection from winter winds: add walls (wood, tarps, etc) around the kennel if possible.
  • Don’t forgot to provide self refillable food & water bowls! Before you go, make sure the bowls are secured to prevent your pet from accidentally knocking them over.

#5 Seal Your Home



Check for cracks around your windows & doors. A crack can allow warm air to escape or worse: let cold air in!

Store-baught caulking, sealant, & weather stripping products can provide a quick solution.



#6 What’s That Smell?

Dispose of any perishable foods, such as milk, that will spoil while you’re away. You wouldn’t want to come home to the smell of spoiled produce!

While you’re at it, empty out all trash bins once you’ve rid the fridge of perishables.

Tip: Place a bottle of water in the freezer. Once frozen, place a small coin or button inside. If you return home to find that the object has moved to the middle or bottom of the bottle, there may have been a power outage while you were away. This means you should check the integrity of your frozen foods.

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