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As a company who offers 24/7 Emergency Services, we’ve had the opportunity to be some of the first to assist homeowners during a crisis. It’s always difficult to assure a homeowner that they can relax when we’re on the scene but we take pride in exceeding their expectations for repairing their homes with integrity and compassion. In this blog, we’ll share recent stories of 3 homes that caught fire.


How Did it Happen?

Disasters seem to strike when you least expect it.. That’s why we’re here, to be your 24/7 emergency service for house fires, flooding, mold, and more. This past week we received calls from homeowners for emergency fire cleanups and restorations. Many people don’t realize how much clean up is involved after a fire. Aside from the soot and smoke damage clean up, the water damage that comes from the efforts to extinguish the flames is enough to leave homeowners with a huge mess on their hands. It’s stressful.
Luckily for these homeowners, we specialize in restoration and build-back due to fire, mold, and water damage. Here’s the 3 different scenarios that started the fires:

  • Home #1: A kerosene heater tipped over in the basement.
  • Home #2: A neighbor’s unattended bonfire at a house party caught fire to the garage which spread to our client’s home.
  • Home #3: Shed in the backyard caught fire. Cause is unknown.

    What was the Damage?

    In our experience, house fires or property fires can cause an array of damage based on many different factors, such as how they were started and how long it took to extinguish. The amount of damage caused by a house fire is sometimes unknown until the emergency fire cleanup begins. This is where homeowners discover an enormous benefit by trusting Scene Clean: we handle everything from start to finish, cleanup to restoration, and more.


    Home #1

    fire damage house 1

    The kerosene furnace in the basement quickly engulfed the two bedrooms located in the basement.

    It didn’t stop there, however. Many rooms throughout the home were impacted so greatly that what started as a fire damage cleaning became a water damage, and nearly full restoration as well.


    Home #2

    house fire and melted sidingsiding melted

    Your property doesn’t have to be ablaze for fire to affect your home.

    Fires can be surprising…especially when the damage comes from another home! The photo to the left depicts the home where the fire began, the one to the right is a small portion of the fire damage dealt to our client. Do you see the melted siding?


    Home #3

    downey house fire 2

    Fires don’t always begin in the home.

    In the picture above, you can see a shed that is burnt to a crisp. The fire began there and spread to the back porch of the home.


    In every home, fire prevention steps should be taken seriously. Handle flammable items carefully, store a fire extinguisher in a place that is easily accessible, check your fire alarms for low batteries often, don’t overload your wiring, avoid accumulating items that could become a fire hazard, and have your furnace checked. These are just a handful of simple ways to keep a fire disaster from happening to YOU!

    When disaster strikes, whether it be smoke & soot damage from fire, a flooded basement, mold, storm damage, or more, Scene Clean will be there for you! From fire damage clean up to restoration, we’re your all-inclusive fire, soot, & smoke damage company.