4 most common home repairs needed in the summer blog

If you find yourself facing any of the problem listed below, give us a call. We’ll clear up your to do list & save you time, & money so you can focus on your wish list.

Tiles & Shingles

In many areas, Spring and Summer can bring torrential amounts of rain. A few April showers can cause serious damage if your home isn’t prepared! Any loose or missing tiles/shingle should be repaired as soon as possible. It doesn’t take much water getting through to the foundation and timber underneath to cause rot and irreparable damage. You can rely on Google to commit to this DIY repair or, if the damage is more serious, call on Scene Clean for professional roof repairs.

When events such as those mentioned above occurs, expect to be contacted regularly. The more flexible you are with you schedule the faster your home with be repaired. Giving Scene Clean a spare key or the combination to your front door will allow us access when your schedule has no flexibility.

A/C Repair or Installation

Pull out the Farmer’s Almanac and check the weather predictions for your area. Summer -in the Frederick, MD area- could push triple digits this year. If you have an air conditioner that isn’t cooling as it should, it’s time to see about repairing the unit you have or having a new installation before the weather turns too hot. Climate control can be the difference between life and death so don’t ignore this important item your checklist! You won’t be sorry.

Damaged or Missing Gutters

Gutters are part of your roofing system and many of the same structural damages that can result from missing tiles can also result for missing, clogged or damaged gutters. We have a recent client who has a hole in the side of her home due to her neighbor’s carelessness! The neighbor allowed their gutters to fill up, clog up, and force damage onto the side of our client’s home (True story!).
The slightest bit of moisture that seeps into the timber or foundation can cause mildew and rot that is either extremely expensive to repair or in some cases, not repairable at all. Leaves are also a major concern with gutters so take the time to thoroughly clean your gutters at least once a year. Sound like a job you’d rather avoid? We can take care of it for you!

Loose or Damaged Siding

Siding on the home has a purpose beyond being aesthetically pleasing. It aids in protecting your home’s structure and foundation from elements that may cause serious damage to the integrity of your home. Spring & Summer storms are infamous for damaging siding. It’s important to check for any damage following a storm.
Depending on the age of your home, you might be able to simply replace damaged siding but if your home has had the same siding for decades, you just might need to replace the entire perimeter. As costly as that may seem, it is far cheaper than letting your home get condemned because of rot and mildew that could have been avoided. Scene Clean can replace your siding to match the original or install your selection from an entire line of great styles & colors.

We love the saying “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” Waiting until the height of Winter is a sure-fire way to make your life A LOT harder. Get the Summer repairs off of your to-do list while the Summer is here. Your home and your wallet will thank you.

Need expert help? When it comes to your home and/or business, Scene Clean provides affordable repairs, emergency services, or handyman repairs, and more.

Give us a call anytime. We’re here for you when you need us most. Have you already fallen victim to unexpected water damage from spring? We can fix that, too. We’re open 24/7 for emergency mold, water & other damaging disasters.