5 things to know about water mitigation blog graphic
Life can throw some tough curve balls your way. Whether it’s related to the season, or average wear and tear, your home will experience damages at some point.
Sometimes the most simple tasks can prevent your home from flooding or setting ablaze, and sometimes damage is unavoidable.
Here’s 5 things you should know about mitigation:

Timing is Crucial

From the moment the damage occurs to when you pick up the phone, timing is everything. When it comes to a fire, mold, or water mitigation, the sooner you discover the problem and call Scene Clean, the better off you will be. Waiting to fix a problem is only going to worsen the damage. For example, waiting to have professionals dry out your walls after a pipe burst can give mold time to grow.

When events such as those mentioned above occurs, expect to be contacted regularly. The more flexible you are with you schedule the faster your home with be repaired. Giving Scene Clean a spare key or the combination to your front door will allow us access when your schedule has no flexibility.

Timelines Will Change

Speaking of time, Scene Clean is a 24/7 emergency company. Our clients and their homes are important to us. We repair homes and businesses with care just as we would with our own. With that being said, the timeline of your home project can change. Often times, we are mitigating one home when we receive an emergency call for another. Don’t worry. We’re still here for you. However, the amount of projects we have at one given time can lengthen the estimated completion date.

Don’t Push That Button!

When performing a mitigation project, we set up equipment, such as dehumidifiers, to ensure that your home is completely dried out to avoid potential mold growth. If you’re a light sleeper, the sound of a running dehumidifier can be frustrating. However, that equipment is ensuring that your home does not become vulnerable to more damage. We urge you: do not shut off the equipment unless we advise you to do so. When our system alerts us that a dehumidifier has been shut off, we will contact you to be sure everything is okay.

Yes, We’re going to Tear it Apart

From pipe bursts to sump pump failures and more, we will more than likely have to move building material to make our way to the source of the problem. Yes, that means that we will be ripping out your drywall and flooring if necessary. Luckily, Scene Clean can provide you with all of your home service needs. We’re professionals and will ensure that when your mitigation is finished, you know your repair & remodeling options! We’ll create your free repair estimate and meet with you to review it. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and we will do just that — with your vision in mind!

Professional NOT DIY

We know what you’re thinking, this is an obvious one, right? Well, not always..
We’re sure your buddy Jeff is a great guy for volunteering to help out but you should consider everything at stake.
When you choose Scene Clean, you are provided with professional workmanship & care in addition to a warranty. Jeff might save you money but in the long run, so will we.

Need expert help? When it comes to spring cleaning your home, affordable repairs, emergency services, or handyman repairs, we’ve got your back.

Give us a call anytime. We’re here for you when you need us most. Have you already fallen victim to unexpected water damage from spring? We can fix that, too. We’re open 24/7 for emergency mold, water & other damaging disasters.