6 Ways to prepare your home for spring
Spring brings more than showers & flowers. Aside from that haunting list of to-do’s on your spring cleaning regime, Spring brings some serious burdens that can easily be avoided.
Here’s a list of 5 important steps every home owner should consider taking this Spring:


Keep Your Gutters & Downspouts Clean

Debris can clog your gutters; making for a disaster that can easily be avoided by a monthly cleaning. Downspouts pouring alongside your home is basically begging to cause problems. Extend the downspout at least 3 feet away from your home using a trough or water extension. Then, rest easy knowing that you took preventive measures to keep water from pooling around your foundation. No floods, just peace of mind.


Reseal Window Edges

The ice from winter causes window sealant to crack, break, or completely fall away. Before the spring showers begin rolling in, reseal the exterior of your windows with a high-quality polymer such as caulk, silicone, or adhesive sealant tape. Otherwise, you’ll be getting some unexpected spring showers in some unexpected places!


Replace Damaged Screens

Aside from the seemingly never-ending showers, we also tend to welcome unwanted visitors into our homes during this time of year. Insects. Spring is the time when millions of insects hatch and emerge from their winter homes and they will be looking for a place to nest. Ants, spiders, lady bugs, wasps, mosquitoes, and more begin appearing between your screen and window, and on your kitchen counters. Though there are preventive measures you can take to kill insects like ants, as you can find in this blog, other insects like bees need protection from going extinct but you can keep them out of your house safely.
Unfortunately, a torn or damaged window screen will allow insects into your home as you air out your interior, and some insects can bite or sting, potentially making you very sick. While you have the option of replacing the entire screen, you can purchase mesh screen repair kits online or at your local home-improvement store.


Seal Off Chimney Vent

If you have a traditional fireplace, you will need to seal off your chimney. If your home doesn’t have a chimney, congrats! That’s one less thing you need to do to prep your home for Spring. Most people think closing the vent is sufficient for sealing the chimney but this still enables the cool air from the AC to escape. It also allows birds, insects, and other creatures into your home. When hot weather makes its sweep across your region you’ll want to keep your home comfortably cool without the shock of a high power bill in the mail or wildlife flying around the attic. Purchasing an inflatable chimney-sealant kit will help you mark this task off your list so you can relax sooner. This sealant kit works similar to blowing up a balloon inside your chimney. Not only will this help keep the cost of your electricity down, but it will also help keep you from needing to file an insurance claim for damage resulting from an improperly sealed chimney. Save money on the electricity bill in the spring and summer by taking this simple step.


Seal Off Any Accesses Under Your Home

If you have unsealed accesses beneath your home, you could face a mountain of torn insulation, broken pipes, and faulty wiring when animals begin looking for a place to call “home.” We advise you to check any exterior accesses that lead to your attic as well as the crawl-space beneath your home.


Check Exterior Roof for Damage

The last step in prepping your home for spring is also the most important: check your roof for any exterior damages. If you notice faulty shingles or other areas of concern, you need to consult Scene Clean to have the issue repaired immediately. Any roof damage will quickly develop into a huge problem when you receive April showers in undesirable places.

Spring is definitely in the air, but before it brings the day-long rainstorms and lots of baby animals, you need to get your home ready. By taking a few precautions to get your home ready for spring, you will ensure minor problems do not become huge insurance claims.

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