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Owning a business means a busy schedule. You have a lot on your plate. From ordering supplies to preparing for meetings and training, the stress of much needed daily tasks is an unnecessary burden to your busy schedule. That’s where Scene Clean comes into the picture. With customizable packages, a clean office has never been so easy. In this blog, we’ll discuss the difference between steam cleaners/rentals and professional services, the packages we offer, and tips on how to avoid permanent stains when you’re in between services.


Steam Cleaning rentals vs Professional Cleaning

Though cleaning seems like a basic task anyone can do, there are professional janitorial services for a reason. Renting a steam cleaner simply doesn’t cut it and neither does an annual cleaning. Many businesses put their money into a once-a-year cleaning to restore their carpet to it’s original glow only to be disappointed!
As we’ve said before, cleaning effectively is a skill acquired through time, training, and experience; three things that are more cost-efficient than hiring inexperienced individuals to train for the job. Put simply, janitorial services can offer efficiency. We go beyond the “nooks and crannies” to provide you with a thoroughly clean office every time. You need more than an annual cleaning, you need the best cleaning services near Frederick, MD.


Why Occasional Steam Cleaning Doesn’t Work

Imagine painting a canvas with a different color once a day for 365 days. Now imagine that you tried wiping away the paint with a damp towel on day 366. If you’re lucky, you might get some of that last layer of paint up. It’s the same way with your carpet. Dirt, dust, and bacteria become compacted deep into your carpet and padding. A once-a-year cleaning isn’t going to bring your carpet to it’s original glow. Here’s why:
After a year of foot traffic on your carpet, there’s going to be quite of bit dirt packed into it.
Before any steam cleaning, you should vacuum the area that you are about to clean. However, one vacuum job isn’t going to remove all of that dirt.
Here’s what makes it worse: all the left over dirt is going to be pulled to the surface of your carpet leaving it looking just as dirty. When you’re thinking about steam clean rentals, consider spending the extra money and saving your time.


Janitorial Service Packages

Keeping a janitorial service on the books will keep you from running out of paper towels, dish soap, and toilet paper — things that are easy to overlook when you’re running the business. Janitorial services have an eye on your toiletries and keep you well-stocked. That’s one less thing you and your team have to worry about during the work week.
We are flexible and do our best to work with you to create a service plan that will suit you and your business.
Here are just a few options that our clients enjoy:

    Daily Janitorial Services
    Weekly Janitorial Services
    Bi-weekly Janitorial Services

When you’re ready to make your office fresh, clean, and a comfy home-away-from-home, we’ll create the perfect plan for you.


Who Benefits from Janitorial Services?

Our janitorial services are trusted across Maryland by a wide variety of businesses. Here’s a few:

    Day Care Facilities
    Medical Facilities
    Government Buildings
    Fitness Centers
    Retail Stores
    Auto Service Centers
    Apartment Complex Facilities
    and more!


Need to Clean a Tough Stain in the Office?

When faced with something common like a coffee stain in your office, here’s how to clean it up quickly and efficiently before your next janitorial service:
Blot up as much of the coffee as you can. Then, mix one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and two cups of warm water. Using a clean, white cloth, sponge the stain with the mixture. Apply a little bit at a time, blotting frequently with a dry cloth until the stain disappears. Finally, sponge with cold water and blot dry.


When you’re ready to have a fresh, clean office without a hassle, call us to ask about customizing a package that’s right for you and your company.