A Gift for Your Sweetheart that Lasts!

As you prepare for Valentine’s Day, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what to get your sweetheart. Do you commemorate the classic gift-giving and purchase a box of chocolates, some roses and other trinkets that will get tossed in the trash days after? Why not make an investment that shows your affection and lasts for a long time? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to clear a home improvement task off the list, all while surprising (and delighting) your significant other. There are many home improvement gifts you can give for Valentine’s Day that will benefit both your sweetheart, you, and your home. Here are some ideas to consider:


Intimate Bedroom


The bedroom is one of the most intimate places for a couple. Why not consider updating or upgrading? It’s a great, long-term investment for Valentine’s Day. From re-painting the walls to the colors your love has been dreaming about or having the carpet thoroughly cleaned (or even replaced). Scene Clean will be in and out just in time for this sweet holiday. You may even consider change the lighting, installing dimmers so you can change the mood as needed. Yes. We can help you with that, too.


Relaxing Shower for Two


Just the mention of Valentine’s Day brings visions of being pampered into many people’s minds. A warm bubble bath, a glass of their chosen drink, relaxation… Now try to imagine the ceiling just below the bathtub dripping water all over your wood floors. Water damage is sure to kill the mood. Making the right shower upgrades can pay back over time, so it’s financially and personally beneficial to a couple to invest in them. Some upgrades that will impress your partner include:

    ♥ A programmable thermostat to keep it the right temperature
    ♥ Low-flow shower heads to cut down on water use but provide the same water pressure
    ♥ Steam shower capabilities (vapor and steam generator) for extra luxury
    ♥ Additional shower heads to increase water flow when showering as a couple
    ♥ Shower benches for relaxing together under the hot water

Acquire help from Scene Clean to ensure that your bathroom is Valentine’s Day ready.

Expand the Closet


Expanding a closet is another home improvement gift that will benefit both you and your special someone. Additional storage space, whether in the closet or as dressers and cabinets, gives you more room for clothes and shoes. Consider installing custom-built shoe racks or buying additional boudoirs to make more space. Or, invest in some storage bins or trunks. This is a great way to show him or her that you care for them and their belongings.


Clean Home

Valentine’s Day should be about romance, love and spending time with one another. It should not be about having to clean the house because it’s an absolute mess. So to keep your husband or wife from obsessing, hire Scene Clean to service your home for the day so your spouse comes home to a spic and span abode. Duct, Tile & Grout, Carpet, Flooring, & other general cleaning services are available. Then you can focus on treating your loved one to a restaurant-style dinner in the comfort of your home or whatever kind of romance you want to enjoy together.


Long-forgotten, Needed Repairs


Dinner & a movie isn’t for everyone. Some people are happy to come home to find that the leaking roof has been repaired or the whole in the family room wall has disappeared.
Whatever you may need, Scene Clean will quickly and efficiently complete the task at hand so you can get back to planning your date.

From all of us at Scene Clean, have a relaxing, memorable Valentine’s Day.